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Serving Christ Through Action for Better Community

USC: Emeritus

“Matching the joy of freedom with the need for purpose.”

Urban Servant Corps is extending our current full-time volunteer service programs with a new focus called “Urban Servant Corps: Emeritus.” This added focus responds to the continuing need for volunteer service at our non-profit partner sites and provides opportunities for volunteers to have purposeful community engagement during their encore years.

Why choose USC: Emeritus?

  • Engage in meaningful volunteer service work as an outlet for your skills
  • Meet, mentor, and connect with young and older adults involved in service
  • Create community with others who share values of faith, service, and simplicity.
  • Learn and share about social justice
  • Keep your mind and body healthy and active
  • Find meaningful conversations around faith and spirituality

How does this work and what’s the process? You will:

  • Participate in the two day orientation the week of August 26, 2019
  • Make a commitment to volunteering at a non-profit organization for 16 hours per week for one year, beginning the week of September 2, 2019
  • Match with an organization that meets your gifts and skills and receive a $75 monthly stipend to offset transportation or incidentals
  • Outside of your weekly service, you will meet monthly with the other members of USC: Emeritus for dialogue around: racial justice, poverty, LGTBQ communities, social conscience investing, healthy eating, mental health, etc. Quarterly, this monthly meeting will overlap with the full-time, USC volunteers for intergenerational collaboration
  • Offered 32 hours of Personal Time Off (PTO) during the year

> To apply, please download our application.

Applications can be submitted via email to: krista@servantcorps.org.