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Serving Christ Through Action for Better Community

Employment Opportunities

MISSION:  Urban Servant Corps is a faith-based, intentional community of full-time volunteers who seek to live simply while serving and accompanying those most in need at non-profit partner agencies in the heart of Denver.

Community Life Coordinator Job Description

Collaborate with Executive Director and USC volunteers in program planning and volunteer community life, including the following:

  1. Recruit and engage full-time volunteers for upcoming program cycle, process applications and conduct interviews
  2. Plan and lead USC volunteer orientation, trainings, and retreats
  3. Plan and attend weekly volunteer community nights (Monday) and monthly community days (Friday)
  4. Coordinate volunteer committees/liaison positions for community life responsibilities and activities
  5. Connect volunteers with leadership opportunities in the community
  6. Support volunteer interpersonal and community relationships during times of conflict
  7. Offer mentorship around the USC tenets of simplicity, service, spirituality and intentional community
  8. Assist Executive Director in fundraising and outreach activities
  9. Other duties as assigned


-- Bachelor’s Degree
-- Dedication to Urban Servant Corps mission and issues of social justice
-- Commitment to uphold Urban Servant Corps tenets of intentional community, simplicity, service, spirituality
-- Comfortable leading discussions regarding faith traditions from a variety of perspectives
-- Demonstrated skills (minimum 2 years experience) in conflict resolution and consensus based problem solving with young adults

-- Experience with intentional community life
-- Experience within diverse communities
-- Affiliation or familiarity with the Lutheran (ELCA) faith tradition

Reports to Executive Director of Urban Servant Corps
20-24 hours/week, $15-18/hour, health insurance and PTO available
Flexible schedule (outside of mandatory community nights, fundraising events, retreat weekends)
Some weekends and evenings as well as travel for recruiting purposes.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Executive Director, Krista Kilgus at: jobs@servantcorps.org. Priority consideration will be given to those received by April 25.